Viuka is the outermost world considered as the dark world or the oblivion. It is also known as the vastness and is considered to be filled with different types of energies primal, chaotic and dormant.
Anubu was an area were the different types of energy of Viuka combined together. At the beginning when Nirvriti was forming the whole space was chaotic with all the collisions from energy due to all of them coming together to a single point.   Anubu first came into being because of the different energy flow lines or Akaras in Viuka which had been always at different levels which due to a coincidence came into a single point at a point of time and had stayed at that.
The result of the great collision was the formation of three types of realms Nirvriti, Bodhiga and Zaura apart from Viuka.
Nirviriti was formed of all the chaotic energies. It had achieved a certain sense of balance and coexists with each other as the energies trickle down through the flow line
Bodhiga was formed out of the dormant energy that was filled in Viuka as a balance to the collisions from the formation of Nirvriti. And as Bodhiga came into being, the chaotic nature of the Nirvriti died down. It was an inert energy which didn’t react with any other energy.
Zaura was the physical manifestation formed out of the repeated collisions of the energy. It is where the galaxies and the sun and planets and the moons located inside them were formed.
Bodhiga acts as a buffer between Zaura and Nirvriti.  Bodhiga is considered the reason that both the realms won’t  collide each other and thus would result in the destruction of the life cycle or nirvana. 
The world is made up of three realms each made up of three energy – soul energy, mara, and material energy.


The soul can be called as the essence of all living beings. The spirit, on the other hand, is the aspect of living beings that connects with the material world in general and the material energy, Shak is the life energy of living beings present in the material realm or Zaura. The world, Zaura itself is a pool of energy in its solid form along with a vast infinite amount of energy in its Shak state. 
Mara, mara is the energy from spirit realm or Bodhiga and Adma, soul energy is the energy from soul realm or Nirvriti.
Viuka the realm of void is the fourth realm that exists outside all the three other realms. The chaotic energy found in Viuka is called ila.
Shak is connected to Mara and attracted to Adma and as a result if Mara or Adma is employed Shak will act along with it. But Mara and Adma are not connected to each other like its connected to Shak, but they do have a tentative repulsion towards each other.


Adma – Energy of the Nirvriti. It is a mix of a number of energies in Nirvriti. The attraction between Shak and Adma can be identified by a living being through emotions. A sudden rise in one particular emotion will bring a surge of energy rise to that person or if a person is able to keep an emotion constant for a prolonged period of time. He can raise his powers. When Adma comes in contact with Shak, it results in the combining of both energies due to its attractive force to each other.
Mara – Energy of Bodhiga. It is connected to material realm through memories.  It do not react with Shak, only attracts
Life energy – Energy of material world. Spectral lives are formed when a powerful being dies, but reports state that they do not usually do anything, they dissipate fast to the surroundings.


The world is divided into four realms or dimensions each with different forms of shak and dhiti in it.
ZAURA                 -Realm of life
NIRVRITI             -Realm of dead and souls
BODHIGA            -Realm of spirit
VIUKA                   -Realm of void
Realm of life
The realm of life is inhabited by the living, the world as we see it. It is an infinitely big plane. Shak fills the realm of life. This shak helps in the forming of the world as we know it according to the direction of chin. Heat in a way can be denoted as the nature of pure form of shak and the shade of colors that appears in natural spectrum are shades of red.
Realm of dead or Souls
The realm of dead is inhabited by the dead in the form of spectral souls. They do not have full consciousness as the connection between dhiti and mara is weak. The dhiti in the realm ends into akaras from korinti and then pass into viukas. The nature of Adma is coldness and the shade of color it poses is shades of blue. The realm of Nirvriti is cold.
Realm of spirit
The realm of spirit is filled with network of korinthi with runes appearing and disappearing all the time. The spectral spirits are found here. It is disputed that the realm of spirit was formed due to tangling of korinthi formed out of the collision at Anubu. The spectrum of color released by Mara is grey, sometimes white and sometimes dark. It has a neutral temperature to the point that no one can feel it.
Realm of void
It has no flow of dhiti through it unless specially directed, this is due to the presence of Akaras and absence of Korinti. Korinti unlike Akaras are transparent and allows dhiti to permeate through it and form the realms. And that is why unlike other realms which has structures in it Viuka is devoid of anything other than the energy.
The four things that control the world of Greyl  is shak, time, space and dhiti. But space is contant and time, on the other hand, is always moving at a constant rate.
So the things that matter are Dhiti and Shak.  Dhiti is what flows through Akaras. In Viuka, dhiti was constrained to Akaras . But after the collision in Anubu, dhiti was spread all around the three spaces and it lead to the formation of network of Akaras inside the three realms known as korinthi.
Dhiti are merely the thoughts or flows of ideas according to which Shak  the energy moves. It was part of the greater consciousness called Akaramana.


Shak molds itself according to the flow of dhiti and thus brought the existence of the world itself. In essence, the world and the beings in it itself are ideas that may have occurred coincidentally. But these ideas always return to where it began to the viuka through the Akaras.
Dhiti are connected to mara more than shiki and adma. And which is why the mara are connected to memories for a living being. Runes are formation manifested by mara in Bodhiga. It’s a reflection on Dhiti.
Runes can be divided into three – Veridical runes, Reflected runes and Shadow runes.
Of these Veridical runes can be seen in almost every part of Bodhiga, it is thought that it is formed as a result of particular action caused by mara. It was from here the first rune masters studied the runes and began using it to manipulate mara to fullfill their purpose.
They found that the process could be reversed if the rune was drawn and spiritual energy was poured into it, the particular action takes place. These runes are also known as spirit runes.
Mara(Mara) unlike the soul energy(Adma) doesn’t have a devastating effect (corrosive effect) for the life energy(Shak). As a result mara doesn’t have any destructive power. As a result they are used to form seals, and to create different forms like box, chain, etc.
Reflected runes are hard to find, they are formed due to the attraction between mara and life energy and as a result of the link between the two spaces. These runes appear in the fringes of Bodhiga close to Zaura. These runes appear fast and disappear even faster. They are formed as a result of changes or any action happening in the material realm. And as a result these runes can cause direct effect in material plane. These runes are also known as life runes.
             Rune masters keeps the knowledge of these runes hidden as great secrets.
Shadow runes are considered mythical by many rune masters. These are known as shadow runes as it forms on the other side of the spirit realm close to the soul realm. These runes are said to have the ability to control emotions or instill them, while some have the ability to open soul gates, while some others have the ability to cause ascendence and desendence.  They are also known as soul runes. The asendents are the ones who have the knowledge of these runes. Even them have only limited knowledge of a few runes.
For example (SPOILER) –  dark master possess the rune of instill fear and its different variations and runes of ascendence and desendence. As time passess they may even find runes of controling the flow of soul energy like mara.
Material energy or life force or shak is the energy that makes the world. It is divided into three – active (m’shak), dormant (j’shak) and affinity life force(shak).


Active life force is one which accumulates as one grows and starts losing it after growing old, it can be increased by exercise and food but doesn’t remain and is slowly lost. It’s the natural energy every being possess.
Dormant life force is the vitality that forms the body but sometimes these dormant abilities become active and beings with these abilities are called body manipulators. In some rarer cases some beings can even manipulate the life force to form an armor like automation around the being. Automation thus made of life energy forms an aura like form which is sometimes used as a shield or extension of the being itself. These type of automation is called spectral lives.
Affinity life force, on the other hand, has the natural affinity to – force fields, light waves, sound waves, temperature fields and spark fields. The affinity can change according to the person’s physiology. Some may have a higher affinity for a particular field than others. The spark field is a recent discovery.
One can also make artificial affinity through being in constant contact or by a single strong contact to the fluctuations produced by the fields but the latter process can be dangerous.
Mara is the energy present in the spirit realm or spirit plane.
Mara is accumulated as one lives their life. The energy is gradually gathered with the passage of time. So if a being dies, and if it had a powerful spirit it’s soul goes forward but its mara stays as a ghost or spirit with its memories. They are called spectral spirits and the powerful ones are able to stay in material world. Most though pass to Bodhiga.
Each mara one gathers is connected to memory. This is due to the affinity of Dhiti to Mara.  If one is able to retain mara then he or she is also able to retain memories that are attached to the mara as well. It goes the other way round also.
But unlike soul energy some quantity of mara always gets dissipated as the memory is forgotten. So people have come up with ways to store mara either by use of mematites or spirit crystals or memory crystals.
One way to gather more mara is by spreading consciousness and there by gathering information around one thereby making memories and thus storing mara. These spirit energies can be used with the lose of these memmories. If a lot of mara is used then memmory loses can occur.
The mara gradually dissolves back to the spirit world and thus ghosts and spirits fades away with time. This will happen, unless they are bound by something that connected them with material plane. Usually  ritualists use the bones of the spectral spirits when they used to live to bind the spectral spirits to the material realm. The bones so made are called scrims.
Also sometimes when the spirits pass to the spirit realms, they sometimes retains the memories and when similar memories gather, the mara fluxes greatly and this lead to process of convergence where new beings are created in the material plane. Most of these beings formed do not breed but sometimes new races have formed because of convergence. These beings are called desended. 
Soul energy or Adma is the energy present in the soul realm or nirvriti or soul plane. It is the plane that exists most outside of all the realms.
Nirvriti is connected to the material plane or life plane through emotions. The realm is seen cloudy except for objects with strong emotional background, stonger the emotion more visible the object or the place. Sometimes the objects or places can even produce an amount of light from it making the places around it visible as well. Cities, villages, forts, battle fields etc are examples to such places. Sometimes some well known roads or paths also acts similarly.
Always a particular amount of soul energy is accumulated in birth through soul seeds. Soul seeds are basically mara and life energy formed at a particular concentration and pattern which attracts soul energy from soul realm. Soul seeds are formed during consummation and thus every beings born naturally obtains a soul. 
Soul energy can be further accumulated through maintaining a particular set of emotions which enable a person to open the door to soul realm and accumulate the energy.  Meditation through serenity enables a person to draw out soul energy and store it much more easily than by using any other emotions, keeping other emotions constantly for a period of time is impossible in most cases, thus serenity is the best choice. 
It usually takes an amount of time to open a soul door using emotion and the door also can get closed, if the emotion is changed suddenly even resulting in backlashes. Also trying to open a soul door with an emotion first time is harder, with practice the process becomes faster. 
Descended also obtains a soul, when the realms of Nirvriti, Bodhiga and Zaura opens during convergence. But they will be heavily anchored on a particular emotion based on the type of door opened..
GREYL is one of the many planets in Zaura but one with life.
The phenomenon of day and night in the world of Greyl is known as Calean Cycle.


Greyl is flanked on both sides by two suns both smaller than the planet itself. One of the stars, the larger one is stationary and almost lights one-third of the Greyl while the second sun moves to and fro in sync with the planet itself.
Greyl also do not revolve around the first sun, it revolves but away and towards the first sun. That is there is no sun in the centre of the Greyl’s revolving path.
The second sun also moves similar to the rotation of the Greyl, thus keeping the distance between them same at all the time. This leads to the phenomenon of Calean Cycle. Each rotation of the Greyl consists of two days and two nights.
It takes about 48 hours for the planet to rotate. The duration of the two nights are the same but for the days the durations are different. The number of hours of the day for the first sun also known as the yellow sun is greater than the second sun is also known as the blue sun.
Calean drift on the other hand is the tilting of the planet on its axis. These leads to change in seasons.