The Ninth Art

The age as it is known, the age of kings is reaching its end; and the times to come lies in darkness, even from the eyes of oracle. Society’s outcasts are looting and killing in the streets and roads of the warring kingdoms and city-states of the ones old empire Aranthi. Rumors of the dead walking the fringes of the old empire are spreading like fire. Tales of Vyals retreating back to their islands are whispered, some say for a war while the gods that walk the land are trying to break away from their shackles and mad heralds of the Irkia travels the land seeking the chosen ones.
Meanwhile, a boy named Yohan has grown up oblivious to who he is. He swears to find the truth about himself and his past. Unaware of the trials and tribulations that will befall him Yohan sets out across the kingdom, hoping to find the truth along the way.


Chapter 1.5 – Sanctuary