World of Greyl – Dhiti and Shak

The world of Zaura itself is a pool of energy in its solid form along with a vast infinite amount of energy in its shak state. Shak is considered the pure elemental state at which the energy of the world exists. The four things that control the world of Zaura is shak, sama, gathi and dhiti.
Shak is the elemental energy that makes up the world, Sama is the name given to time by the ancients, gathi is the unmeasurable space that exists and dhiti is the invisible flow at which the world moves, some call it the law of world, some the invisible hand of thoughts, or the consciousness of the world itself.
Space is not really taken into account in by the old scholars as the vastness of it has left the ones who set on to discover about it baffled and time, on the other hand, is always moving at a constant flow leaving Dhiti and Shak as the things that matter for the mancers .

Dhiti are the thoughts or flows of ideas according to which Shak  the energy moves. Shak molds itself according to the flow of dhiti and thus brought the existence of the world itself. 

It is specualted that Dhiti had existed long before and will continue to exist with the passage of time, most of the times recurring and sometimes forming something entirely new. 

In essence, the world and the beings in it itself are ideas that may have occurred coincidentally. But these ideas always supposed to return to where it began to nothingness so that the cycle may continue.

World of Greyl – Realms


The world is divided into four realms or dimensions each with different forms of shak and dhiti in it.
-Realm of life
-Realm of dead
-Realm of spirit
-Realm of void

Realm of life or Jeva
The realm of life is inhabited by the living, the world as we see it. The shak in this realm is called jevashak or j’shak also called shak in most common cases. This shak helps in the forming of the world as we know it according to the direction of chin. Heat in a way can be denoted as the nature of pure form of j’shak and the shade of color in its natural form is shads of red..
The chin in this realm is going to fullfilment

Realm of dead or Mara
The realm of dead is inhabited by the dead. The shak in this realm is called marashak or ma’shak and moves according to the chin in this realm. The chin in the realm ends into nothingness. The natue of ma’shak is coldness and the shade of color it poses is shades of blue.

The chin from realm of life after reaching its epitome or fulfilment or when the idea is fully formed slips into the realm of dead and gradually starts its flow towards nothingness.

Realm of spirit or Adma
The realm of spirit is smaller compared to jeva and mara, the chin do not flows through this realm unless specially directed. Humans who can naturally produce chin can thus manipulate the admashak or adi’shak
to their needs. This realm is connected to realm of jeva through a link known as korinti through which the chin flows.

Realm of void or Ila
People who learned about realms believe that this realm was formed to balance the formation of adma realm, it also has no flow of chin through it unless specially directed. This realm is connected to mara similar to the way adma is connected to jeva – through a korinti.
The dead usually doesn’t produce thoughts, only a few in their semi dead state, does that and that explains some unnatural occurrences like the formation of ghosts designated to fulfilling their last wishes.

World of Greyl – The Nine Arts

Seven Arts

Elemental Arts- Elementals
Each elements in the world has a particular frequency, the elemental s have achieved mastery over these elements and combine them and make them link to shaks to make it react to particular reactions

Space and Time Arts – Summoners , Seers
Space and time arts are also known as dead arts since nothing new has been discovered or invented in the past century, it is in a way different from the shak related workings. Only admashak or a’shak is used to summor creatures from the spirit world and so can’t use it to summon himan or living beings.

Alchemy – Alchemists

Rune casting, spell making – Enchanters
Martial Art -Mystics

Mental Arts – Mentalists

Art of biology- Healers,

Black Art – Forbidden Art

Blood Art – Dread Art

World of Greyl – Everstones



The mythical story told in Aranthi region, talks about the nine stones, when arranged in formation, can result in the formation of everstones. Legends say everstones lead to the destruction of the then southern country of the region leaving behind the vast dead lands.

World of Greyl – Dhiti


Dhiti is not a language, it is an echo or a mirage of the flow of shak in the world. Dhiti was first discovered by careful observation of nature itself, the sounds and anomalous happenings on nature were found, patterns identified and recorded.

It was initially done in the hope of finding due reasons to causes of inconceivable situations. But someone along the line figured out the dhiti when used while applying the amount of shak can reverse the process and bring in the action.

Dhiti, as a result, was divided into the audio and visual – verbal incantations and runic image.

Spell is the programmee…. It is just one word


Def of wand

A magical device that performs high speed processing of chin and manipulation of shak. All magic staff contains a central piece known as cheral, it is a thin rod placed inside the staff (construction of its making is hidden and is taught only at the end of apprentice ship) .
The cheral interprets the spells and runes drawn using the staff by the staff wielder which invokes the chin stored in the cheral and produces the wanted effect needed by manipulating the shak from the source.
It is also used to store chin which when used will execute a specific effect, so that it can be used for invoking spells.
The spells used by sorcerers could differ even though the effect could be the same, this is because the spell is usually just a word that produces the sound needed to trigger the chin, the spell itself doesn’t have any power. In short the spell only acts as a trigger. And as a result the magicians gives different incantation that would act as trigger for the chin.
The ways of keying chin into the staff are by using pointer (mashi) to draw glyphs and runes into a slate known as  absac which is connected to the wand (when a wand is made, the slate (absac) and pointer(mashi) are also made) and thus the chin enter the staff; this is because chin in its primary form is a thought or an idea which can be shown easily through pictures that is runes. Using smell, sound and touch are also known but are seldom used that is because other senses are hard to be used to form an idea.
The way of using each senses of magic are known as schools of magic….  Like the school of runes( eye), school of dance ( touch), school of song( sound) ,  school of alchemy(taste and smell)- potions and stuffs.


output devices, such as magic spheres and wands and staffs, manipulates the shak to get the desired result.

Art of Mystics – Wiki

Apart from the methods of using runes, spells and potions. The art of mystics advocates the path of connecting to the world itself through the formation of scrims.

Even then the ability to touch the different fields of the world through scrims are limited. As of now in different parts of the world, the fields that have been discovered are force fields, light fields, sound fields, temperature field, spark field.

Force field – 
rest , defensive force field – makes the person resistant to any force, downside can’t move 
motion, agility based force – makes the person more agile
gravity , push or pull force –  
magnetic, some metals can be controlled using the power telekinetically, sometimes the metals has to be kept under the force field for a long time to make it possible. But changing the shape of the material will affect the control slightly. Iron metal is favored

Light waves – 
manipulate light, 
laser – concentrate the light to produce the powerful laser.
sensors – 

Sound waves – manipulate sound, 
sonic waves,

Temperature fields – manipulate hot and cold

Spark field – manipulation of electricity. is a newly found affinity

House of Threads

1 House of Threads
Symbol – Hourglass , intertwined threads, eye
Members –
Blind Oracle- optimism or hope (inborn)
Sage – Serenity (inborn)