Recruit of King’s Folly 2

City of Pud

It was always the same, always the same vision. Shiki has had a hard time digesting it as a dream anymore. It came consistently, appearing in his mind far too clear for it to be a dream. It felt like a broken memory, that someone had left inside his head. He shook his head. He couldn’t function sanely with such ideas fogging his mind.

He breathed in and opened the gates. A flock of birds squatting before the gate flew out into the white clouds that shown with shine in the blue sky. And then he felt the warmth flow over him.

Shiki walked out of the surgery house feeling the fresh breeze drizzle by him. The loose extended ends of the yellow band with golden thread embroidered to it in a simple design fluttered with the breeze. The sun was shining with a warm air spreading its light but at the same time not overdoing it with its usual summer heat. It was a day a boy should be outside playing not reading about wounds and ailment, Shiki decided.

“Glory and blessings to the king”, Someone cried out as he passed him in the street. Shiki returned the gesture speaking the same lines back to no one in particular.

At the end of the long summer, fourteen years after the year of madness, the Dhyan of Heasin, one of the seven seats of Arrasta stepped down for his son Kimano Igazivolpur Gam, to be raised to Kimano Igazivolpur Dhyan. The state delved into celebration celebrating the coronation of the new Dhyan while the Dhyan’s of other states watched Heasin and the new Dhyan carefully.

The commoners, celebrated throughout the state along with the Qans and Igazis because the state demanded it so. Yellow bands were tied across their arms symbolizing glory to the king but of course, nobles wore golden ones.

A practice followed by the Shahin Highlords and Kings before, the Igazis and Qans had adopted the practice when they had crossed the Milipur mountains and conquered the old Shahin Dynasty thousands of years ago. The towns and cities of the Heasin filled with hails to a king they didn’t know, the streets and corners of the cities towns and villages decorated as was proper.

Shiki watched the buzz going around him, he could almost smell the celebration in the air. No one would be sad at the relaxed tax rates that come for a period of time with the transfer of crown, no new king will want a disgruntled public no matter whether they are Igazis or not.

The City of Pud, located at the western end of the state, though officially part of the country, was far removed from the kingdom and the city had grown into a small city-state with people coming from different lands settling there to live and trade.

Pud was no exception to the madness in the kingdom. The city itself was ruled by the council of elders who had pledged their allegiance to the Dhyan of Heasin. They ordered the celebrations for the new Dhyan’s coronation.

Shiki’s father is one of Pud’s elders and his house is attached to the clinic house that he owned, and the house was at the western-centre of the Hiragi district of the city, one of the well-to-do district of the city located towards the center.

He looked towards the left to see the old man Hanli walking towards the clinic probably to check up on his wounds from last week. Shiki turned towards the other direction and ran. He didn’t want to be called back into the room to help his dad with his work.

He had even promised to meet up with his friends in the evening, they were not quite happy about him not showing up last two times. He considered his options as he was running and decided on Canal district as they would probably be loitering near the river bank under the bridge.

Shiki passed the spectral streets of the merchants, located in the Sepath district which was marked by the Daichi pillar, one of the first pillars of the village erected to mark the victory against the Quanons to the south.

He ran along the street watching the people going on with their work. The street had two or three herbal shops along the sides supported by his father. Some owners recognized him as he walked by, waving their hands and sending regards to his father. He waved back as he sped through the paved path.

After running through the narrow alleys and shortcuts through the city districts, he entered the market region of the Canal district, people here gave him little acknowledgement as they didn’t notice him in their hurry to get their work done and his father had very less influence here for him to be known, though his clothes still stood out. Canal district was at the fringes of the city Shiki walked along the street watching men and women traders and merchants and grocers and butchers all with their work.

He went on forward and after turning at two other corners, and entering a new narrow street he collided with a rabble of boys who were running past him.

“Shiki!” a boy’s voice shouted out near his ear ” RUN”

Shiki then felt someone catch hold of his hand and pull on it, the unexpected pull tangled his feet and fell down sprawling over the flagstones on the path. Living his life in the city had made him extremely sensitive to these situations. He rose to his feet in an instant so did the body of the hand who had caught his sleeves.

Lavin had started running as soon as he got up, leaving Shiki in the dust. Shiki would have loved to wait and see if whoever was chasing his friends had heard them shouting his name to run. But Lavin’s face was pale and sweating, though he couldn’t see it well due to dim light in the alley. He figured he couldn’t probably keep counting on his chances to escape today anymore.

“How many?” Shiki shouted at Lavin as he ran after him.

“What?”, Lavin seems to be too concentrated on running to remember the numbers. Quite a situation it should be for one as Lavin to have forgotten the numbers. He came from a mercantile family near the river docks district. The ones there never forget to count and they never usually let a chance to remind others to go either.

” The ones who are following us”

“I don’t know, I was too busy running to count” Lavin was sprinting at his top speed, they passed through the streets from wider ones to narrower ones, he could hear the shouts behind him. Pud was always crowded but felt more crowded to Shiki more than ever. They steered away from most crowded streets when they could and entered some trying to loose their pursuers in the crowds. Failing at that they stepped into one of the dimmer alleys and kept running to the east side to the river dock district.

The canal district and the river dock district were divided by the old walls that had fallen out of use as the city expanded, now it was homes for the thousands of birds, animals and homeless that inhabited the city. The council was never ready to tear the wall down nor could find enough financials to build new gates and as result the locals had to adapt to the walls with building stairs on either side of the walls and in some cases with cranes so as to make travel and transportation of goods to other side easier.

Soon they could see the top of the old wall’s ramparts as they ran through the streets built under the shadow of the wall. They soon found wooden stairs embedded into the walls that they were looking for and clambered up towards the top as shouts rose behind them.

Shiki had to admit that the ones chasing them sure were strong-willed.

The sun shown with vigor when Shiki and Lavin reached the top. They could see the rest of their friends hadn’t decided on the walls and had gone for the gates. Good for them as no one seemed to be chasing them, they looked back to see five kids their age had reached the bottom of the stairs. They both swore as they started running towards to find another set of stairs that would lead them out of the wall to the river dock side.

The old walls were bordered by the canal that used to be a moat once. Now the wall was covered with a dim line of moss on its surface. There steps on the brick rampart caused the birds resting on the walls to take flight. They couldn’t hear footsteps behind them but they knew not to stop running based on instinct.

” We need to get out of these walls into the streets ” shouted Lavin. ” There. Stairs”

Shiki looked at the stairs and from where he was running he could see that they would still have to run quite a few distance to find the small bridge to cross the canal for them to reach the river dock district and still a few more run to reach the bridge where their gang usually hanged out. They would be safe there.

He reached out quickly enough to grab Lavin by his sleeves. “Not fast enough”, he said, pulling him towards a guard tower that was used in old days as a lookout point. It had long been built into a crane deck, ” We will use the ropes”

“Noo..”, Lavin’s face turned blue as he was dragged on to the footbridge that elongated from watchtower to the canal, he turned around to see boys running through the wall with the cityscape behind them with the evening sun spreading out its red hue.” I hate heights” shouted Lavin.

“You never told me”, Shiki shouted back while removing the belt from his trousers. He then strapped them around the rope that was tied to a wall on the other side of the canal.
” I never knew” cried Lavin looking down at the water below and the boys that had almost reached the turret.

“Hold on ” cried Shiki and wrapped his one hand and his legs around Lavin pushing him down the ledge in the process. Lavin screamed as they stepped into the empty space.

For a moment Shiki and Lavin hung there in the rope, its friction against the belt holding it in place. Shiki felt the seconds have somehow been split into minutes. He saw the boys that were chasing them entering the turret through the door and looking towards them surprised. There were two of them and they were dressed well like him in colored clothes. One was small and other was large, their eyes met. He had never seen the tall one before, but he looked strong. Lavin seemed to be mumbling some prayer and probably didn’t knew that they were stuck.

Shiki thought he should at least try to smile and diffuse the tension between them, maybe they won’t hit him that hard. He slightly released his hands to wave at them to show that he was going to be amicable with them. Then he felt the sensation, they were sliding away from the two staring at them. The big one looked impressed, the short one had his mouth agape. Shiki remembered him. He was Baok. He still had no clue as to who was the lanky one.

He turned his attention back to himself as he felt pain in his hands as they bounced twice in the rope due to tensility as they went down the rope. Lavin was not making any sounds, if he had not felt the dead weight around his shoulders and wrapped around his legs he would have forgotten about him.

A glance down below showed him the green water in the canal sometime reflecting the blue sky that was getting eaten away by the yellow hue. Swinging his head around he saw the wall at the other end fast approaching his vision. A stack of hay was kept at the ground below the wall.

Thanking the gods he let go as soon as he felt it was the right time.
“Does the hay smell weird?”
The thought died with the pain that shot through his arms. He couldn’t lift them without feeling stabs of pain through his hands to shoulders. Guess the wait was too much for him.

“We should totally do that again”, Lavin shouted. He was hollering on the top of his voice.
“How did you know that we would hit the hay?”

“I thought you were afraid of heights”
“I also hate running, doesn’t mean I don’t run”
“You were forced to run.”
“No, I chose to. I could have stayed and gotten hit.Wouldn’t have made me feel this much tired if I had”

Shiki rolled out of the hay while rolling his eyes. Then scrambled near to the wall to get his belt which had fallen at the base of the wall. The belt was frayed at the side where he had used it to grasp the rope.
“Next time we are using your belt,” he said to Lavin who was hooting at the two who were standing at the turret looking down at them. Shiki couldn’t make out their faces due to the sun behind them.

“Only two?” Shiki asked Lavin.
Lavin stopped his taunts and looked at him and spoke, “There were a lot more and we were outnumbered. We were going to lead them to the river bridge where others were and ambush them.”

“Where are the rest?” Shiki scrunched his nose while contemplating, it helped him ward of the smell from the hay that he had somehow absorbed into himself after falling in it.

“Shiki…” Lavin hissed.
“What?” Shiki snapped. He was tieing his belt around his trousers. He could hear shouts from the turret. He looked up to see Baok jumping up and shouting something.

“Shiki they are coming” Lavin hissed through his teeth. Shiki turned his head around to see a number of boys jogging down the road. ” That’s it… They are trying to ambush us at the canal bridge.” Lavin shouted and started running.

“They won’t hit us there, there are people there” replied Shiki

“We need to run” Lavin was already running.

Pud was a hotpot of cultures from different surrounding areas and that brought divisions among the citizenry that dripped down to even children. The adults had the garrison and rules to keep them in line, children were for the most part left alone to tackle it alone and tackle them they did.

Shiki had not run ten feet before he was tackled to the ground again. On second thought, Shiki felt like he should have tried his chance playing dead in the hay.

Shiki felt his hand grab on to the soil from the wet ground, and then on some moss. His hands prickled on its touch. He felt like his head had been knocked out and his mind reeled as he tried to breathe air with the weight above him.

“Better stay down”, he heard the voice from above as he felt the weight on him lighten.

His hand itched, looking at it, he saw a dark purplish puddle that he had gathered in his hand during his desperate struggle for air. His hands prickled irritatingly, it seemed to him that he had got his hands on itchy moss. Now his hands or going to itch.

He looked up and saw Goshi, he was the fastest sprinter in the last festive celebrations. He had a smug smile on his face. He had his hands raised to throw a punch. Shiki threw the moss into his eyes and spread the rest in his hand on his face when he closed his eyes.

DIVIDER tailed

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Recruit of King’s Folly 1

Dreams and Visions

Tears poured out of his eyes as he tried to hold back the pain. He knew he was dying and no one was left to help him. He moaned and choked on his breath as he tried to grasp on to some sweet memories to keep his pain away. He had his regrets, many a number that he had forgotten many, he hadn’t been even sure about his life and what he believed in.

He could still feel the inhuman eyes watching him under its feet after stabbing him in the chest where it blazed with pain as blood profusely poured out of it. The thing was laughing away in its wheezing manner as he tried his best to die with some dignity without the trashing or maybe it was the pain that came with every motion that motivated him to not thrash around.

As his vision grew dark, old memories opened like floodgates.

He remembered the time he rode against the raiders and the time when he wrecked his way of the garrison and made his way out of the passes, he had been brave then. But a boy without a thought of the consequences.

Soon new memories began to flash through his mind, the grey shadow looming over the ashes that flew from the falling embers following the frozen chunks of snow exploding from the mountainside. The crimson embers fell on the snow, making the snow around the embers hiss steam. A blood curling cry spread his ears from a memory he couldn’t remember.

But he could remember the smiling face of his family, he remembered choosing to leave with his family, leaving his hometown. The kingdom of Arasta held too much terror and madness for his family to live a humble life. He had taken up weapons in hope of ambitions and tall tales. He remembered his friends, then he remembered a face, a face covered by a skull-like skin. It didn’t matter to him, not anymore. He could hear the face saying something, he tried clinging to that moment in the memory. He couldn’t remember the moment, he never had, but he could remember the face. It always kept coming back to him.

But it all didn’t seem to matter to him anymore. The pain was gone now and after a moment he found that he was not able to feel anything other the cold ground beneath him where he laid. He blinked once and then slipped into darkness. Strangely, it felt so familiar, like a sleep.

He let the vision of the moments that came before the appearance of the person with skull-face ease into his mind.

DIVIDER tailed

He closed his eyes shutting of voices from his surroundings, he knew he needs to focus on this. He was tired and hurt. If it was anytime in his normal conditions, it would have come to him naturally. He smiled miserably and concentrated more, searching for it, feeling the webs of energy sweeping through the creaks, following the undulations let off by the streams of energy as if he was walking blindly down the stares feeling each step before he took each of the steps. And then he found it, the grey gates, that guarded him and the world around him from ruin. He smiled miserably and pulled on it.

The gate opened with a surge of blood-curdling howl as an unearthly power seeped out into the world through the wide opening, just like when the cry of burning steam passing through an orifice leaving one’s ears bleed. It originated and swept around him while he kept kneeling on the ground, a pair of huge wings black in color that grew from his back lay broken, the left one twitched at times. Blood flowed profusely from his naked chest which looked as if someone had blasted a hole into his body which then mixed with the shredded dirty clothes that he once wore making it difficult to differentiate from the bloodied clothes and the torn organs that had slid from his body.

The plants and small fauna that surrounded him shriveled up and died as the miasma from the gate that flooded from his body touched them. He bared his teeth in pain as the last of the strength in his body was being burned by him so that he could concentrate on the runes he was drawing on the ground with his blood while the corroding miasma fed up on everything.

Fumes rose from the runes drawn on the ground. He felt his blood start to boil as he triggered the runes that he had prepared. His skin burned, blisters forming on the surface and then his skin started to slowly shrivel and unravel before his eyes. He cried out in pain as even muscles in his body began to split and cuts formed throughout his body as if a hundred whips were being lashed at him and then he heard the bones break and silence. He could feel a wetness on both sides of his face from the blood that was flowing out of his ruptured eardrums.

Soon his right hand that he had raised before his eyes for triggering the runes had deformed into the skeleton and torn muscles barely holding his bones that he was getting no sense from. The blood-soaked ground on which he was kneeling down now began to steam with small hiss slowly rising to a high pitched shrill as if a thousand souls were crying in pain and then with the thunder lagging behind by a few seconds to the lightning struck the ground.

Was he still fighting? He mused as he felt his face soaked with sweat. Blood spurted from his mouth. He felt as if his throat was drowning in his own blood, while the last breath slowly left his lungs. He had felt his heart beating sometime before but it has collapsed with his lungs which had become weak after taking the huge attack to his chest. He felt calm, as he waited for the pull that always comes during each of these moments.

Why was he still fighting? He felt the small tug of something to which he had usually held on as in the past. But he didn’t, waiting, unsure of what held for him and as time went by, the strain to his spirit began to rise. Pain. He didn’t know whether what he was doing was wrong but for some reason, letting go just didn’t feel right. It was somehow different this time,

Splitting headache. Awake. Broken. Confused. Swirls of dark colors twisted among the light colored spectrum of lights that hurt his vision. ” Something’s wrong”, the thought flashed through his mind.

Then he felt it, the tug that he had been feeling for a while now strengthening ripping his consciousness. His mind roared in pain and with horror rising in his consciousness he found himself being torn away from his spirit. His memories flashed through his mind eye as they were torn from him and unraveled to threads losing them into the void.

In a rush, he started gathering the rest of that was still left like a greedy man flailing for his gold scattered to depths while drowning, binding them and pressed them through the many links to bones of his past that had stayed with him throughout his life.

And then he felt lost. He was lost.

DIVIDER tailed

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Legend of Levityrinth

The temperature of the land fell, ice formed on the grass and crusts formed on the leaves and branches splintering the light falling through them to become glowing spectrums. The blooming flowers hardened and the fire at the hearth of the houses dimmed. The sky began to darken with only a yellow hue left behind on the horizon. Black fog formed choking clouds in which black shadows writhed and roiled.

Voices could be heard screaming, the land was moving under some kind of pressure as if a door was being opened. The city bulged upward, screams rose in synch as the timbers that made up the buildings groaned. Running feet pattered across the clobber stones and floorboard in the darkness as the wicked tales that elders spoke came to life.

The black clouds contracted into a thick column of smoke in the center of the city drawing back to the earth, leaving a gaping hole in the land, a crevice was forming spreading outward, and a roar spread from the deep beneath like an erupting volcano. There was barely a pause before the world serpent burst through the hole bringing with it a column of dark water that hung above the city for a moment then like a bubble bursting the water drenched the city in sickly dark water, then with a moan that echoed through the land the city started moving with the water back to the hole where the monster had burst open.

The yellow lights that had shown from the windows in the city from the cover of dark fog like fireflies in the night dematerialized into the heart of the fog.

After a while breeze blew the clouds away; all was well and good, except the city that marked the land didn’t exist anymore. The clouds cleared to show a lake has formed where the city stood.


Concept art – Levityrinth

World of Greyl – Dhiti and Shak

” The world of Zaura itself is a pool of energy in its solid form along with a vast infinite amount of energy in its ethereal state. And Shak is the name of the pure ethereal energy that exists in the world .”
“The four things that move the world of Zaura is shak, sama, gathi and dhiti.”
Shak is the elemental energy that makes up the world, Sama is the name given to time by the ancients, gathi is the unmeasurable space that exists and dhiti is the invisible flow at which the world moves, some call it the law of world, some the invisible hand of thoughts, or the consciousness of the world itself.

Space is not really taken into account in by the old scholars as the vastness of it has left the ones who set on to discover about it baffled and time, on the other hand, is always moving at a constant flow leaving Dhiti and Shak as the things that matter for the mancers .

Dhiti are the thoughts or flows of ideas according to which Shak  the energy moves. Shak molds itself according to the flow of dhiti and thus brought the existence of the world itself.

It is specualted that Dhiti had existed long before and will continue to exist with the passage of time, most of the times recurring and sometimes forming something entirely new.

In essence, the world and the beings in it itself are ideas that may have occurred coincidentally. But these ideas always supposed to return to where it began to nothingness so that the cycle may continue.

World of Greyl – Realms


The world is divided into four realms or dimensions each with different forms of shak and dhiti in it.
-Realm of life
-Realm of dead
-Realm of spirit
-Realm of void

Realm of life or Jeva
The realm of life is inhabited by the living, the world as we see it. The shak in this realm is called jevashak or j’shak also called shak in most common cases. This shak helps in the forming of the world as we know it according to the direction of chin. Heat in a way can be denoted as the nature of pure form of j’shak and the shade of color in its natural form is shads of red..
The chin in this realm is going to fullfilment

Realm of dead or Mara
The realm of dead is inhabited by the dead. The shak in this realm is called marashak or ma’shak and moves according to the chin in this realm. The chin in the realm ends into nothingness. The natue of ma’shak is coldness and the shade of color it poses is shades of blue.

The chin from realm of life after reaching its epitome or fulfilment or when the idea is fully formed slips into the realm of dead and gradually starts its flow towards nothingness.

Realm of spirit or Adma
The realm of spirit is smaller compared to jeva and mara, the chin do not flows through this realm unless specially directed. Humans who can naturally produce chin can thus manipulate the admashak or adi’shak
to their needs. This realm is connected to realm of jeva through a link known as korinti through which the chin flows.

Realm of void or Ila
People who learned about realms believe that this realm was formed to balance the formation of adma realm, it also has no flow of chin through it unless specially directed. This realm is connected to mara similar to the way adma is connected to jeva – through a korinti.
The dead usually doesn’t produce thoughts, only a few in their semi dead state, does that and that explains some unnatural occurrences like the formation of ghosts designated to fulfilling their last wishes.

World of Greyl – The Nine Arts

Seven Arts

Elemental Arts- Elementals
Each elements in the world has a particular frequency, the elemental s have achieved mastery over these elements and combine them and make them link to shaks to make it react to particular reactions

Space and Time Arts – Summoners , Seers
Space and time arts are also known as dead arts since nothing new has been discovered or invented in the past century, it is in a way different from the shak related workings. Only admashak or a’shak is used to summor creatures from the spirit world and so can’t use it to summon himan or living beings.

Alchemy – Alchemists

Rune casting, spell making – Enchanters
Martial Art -Mystics

Mental Arts – Mentalists

Art of biology- Healers,

Black Art – Forbidden Art

Blood Art – Dread Art

World of Greyl – Everstones



The mythical story told in Aranthi region, talks about the nine stones, when arranged in formation, can result in the formation of everstones. Legends say everstones lead to the destruction of the then southern country of the region leaving behind the vast dead lands.

World of Greyl – Dhiti


Dhiti is not a language, it is an echo or a mirage of the flow of shak in the world. Dhiti was first discovered by careful observation of nature itself, the sounds and anomalous happenings on nature were found, patterns identified and recorded.

It was initially done in the hope of finding due reasons to causes of inconceivable situations. But someone along the line figured out the dhiti when used while applying the amount of shak can reverse the process and bring in the action.

Dhiti, as a result, was divided into the audio and visual – verbal incantations and runic image.

Spell is the programmee…. It is just one word


Def of wand

A magical device that performs high speed processing of chin and manipulation of shak. All magic staff contains a central piece known as cheral, it is a thin rod placed inside the staff (construction of its making is hidden and is taught only at the end of apprentice ship) .
The cheral interprets the spells and runes drawn using the staff by the staff wielder which invokes the chin stored in the cheral and produces the wanted effect needed by manipulating the shak from the source.
It is also used to store chin which when used will execute a specific effect, so that it can be used for invoking spells.
The spells used by sorcerers could differ even though the effect could be the same, this is because the spell is usually just a word that produces the sound needed to trigger the chin, the spell itself doesn’t have any power. In short the spell only acts as a trigger. And as a result the magicians gives different incantation that would act as trigger for the chin.
The ways of keying chin into the staff are by using pointer (mashi) to draw glyphs and runes into a slate known as  absac which is connected to the wand (when a wand is made, the slate (absac) and pointer(mashi) are also made) and thus the chin enter the staff; this is because chin in its primary form is a thought or an idea which can be shown easily through pictures that is runes. Using smell, sound and touch are also known but are seldom used that is because other senses are hard to be used to form an idea.
The way of using each senses of magic are known as schools of magic….  Like the school of runes( eye), school of dance ( touch), school of song( sound) ,  school of alchemy(taste and smell)- potions and stuffs.


output devices, such as magic spheres and wands and staffs, manipulates the shak to get the desired result.