Recruit of King’s Folly 2

City of Pud It was always the same, always the same vision. Shiki has had a hard time digesting it as a dream anymore. It came consistently, appearing in his mind far too clear for it to be a dream. It felt like a broken memory, that someone had left inside his head. He shook …

Legend of Levityrinth

The temperature of the land fell, ice formed on the grass and crusts formed on the leaves and branches splintering the light falling through them to become glowing spectrums. The blooming flowers hardened and the fire at the hearth of the houses dimmed. The sky began to darken with only a yellow hue left behind on …


Hello there.... I have made some changes to the primary tab of the website, including the latest chapter option and the author's note. I wanted to make the streaming through the site much easier. Also all the story arcs pages will have links to all the chapters posted until now. Have fun.


Hey Readers, My first official blog notice. Thanks for going through my blog. I hope you find it an interesting read. I have got a bunch of ideas lined up and all but this is becoming a hassle as I need to prioritize. Before I start to whine I will introduce the idea of the blog. It's …