World of Greyl – Dhiti and Shak

The world of Zaura itself is a pool of energy in its solid form along with a vast infinite amount of energy in its shak state. Shak is considered the pure elemental state at which the energy of the world exists. The four things that control the world of Zaura is shak, sama, gathi and dhiti. …


World of Greyl – Realms

REALMSThe world is divided into four realms or dimensions each with different forms of shak and dhiti in it.-Realm of life-Realm of dead-Realm of spirit-Realm of voidRealm of life or JevaThe realm of life is inhabited by the living, the world as we see it. The shak in this realm is called jevashak or j'shak also called shak in most common cases. This shak helps in the …

World of Greyl – The Nine Arts

Seven ArtsElemental Arts- ElementalsEach elements in the world has a particular frequency, the elemental s have achieved mastery over these elements and combine them and make them link to shaks to make it react to particular reactionsSpace and Time Arts - Summoners , SeersSpace and time arts are also known as dead arts since nothing new has been discovered or invented in the past century, …

World of Greyl – Everstones

EVERSTONES The mythical story told in Aranthi region, talks about the nine stones, when arranged in formation, can result in the formation of everstones. Legends say everstones lead to the destruction of the then southern country of the region leaving behind the vast dead lands.

House of Threads

1 House of Threads  Symbol - Hourglass , intertwined threads, eyeMembers -Blind Oracle- optimism or hope (inborn)Sage - Serenity (inborn)

House of Blood

3 House of Blood , KingSymbol - drop, throne , spearMembers -Blood King - Pride (inborn )Maiden - Desired

House of Heaven

5 House of HeavenSymbol - sun , trident , flameMembers -Heaven Holder - AdmiredCompanion - Admiration(inborn)Light Bringer - HopeDawn -  joyShield - Courage(inborn )Elder - Gratitude (inborn )Grand Elder - GratitudeDawn Keep - Satisfaction (inborn )