world system


Alchemy was said to have come from the west deserts, brought by the traders. Their lore had a lot of similarities with the Ritualistic method but differed on the fact that the energy drawn can be saved in material form and used for later purposes in the form of potions.
There main philosophy is to purify, evolve and perfect the body itself through count less process and thus become powerful to withstand the world.
Potions – alteration, strength, agility, clear mind, 
Diagrams to channel energy to do a process or to activate a spell.
Change matter or energy to different forms

Soul Alchemy, 
Spirit Alchemy
Life Alchemy


The Rituals are one of the oldest known arcane methods of the known world. This method was invented before the alchemy and discovery of magery. The Ritualists focus on channeling spirit energy from the surroundings with the help of incantations and chants and there by summoning spectral spirits to aid them in the process
There philosophy is to become one with the world and thus become stronger. They usually have their chants and incantations anchored on different emotions to bring out connection between the 
Ritualists are masters of spirits, able to call upon them. They are capable of summoning allies that will both aid your team and hinder your enemies. They are also capable of using unique weapon spells and summoning ashes to aid in battle, and can directly attack foes or aid allies.
Time consuming

Diagrams to store energy into spirit crystals, these energy are used to activate spells 
A frame of mind in which a sympathist is able to shut out the distraction of emotions and focus rational thought to the utmost.

  1. The Doctrine of Correspondence: Similarity enhances sympathy.
  2. The Principle of Consanguinity: A piece of a thing can represent the whole of a thing.
  3. The Law of Conservation: Energy cannot be destroyed nor created.



Uses once own spirit energy by condensing it in the body itself in the form of soul crystals 


Summoning spectral spirits, 
Read flow of spirit energy.

Summoning spectral souls


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