World of Greyl – Dhiti


Dhiti is not a language, it is an echo or a mirage of the flow of shak in the world. Dhiti was first discovered by careful observation of nature itself, the sounds and anomalous happenings on nature were found, patterns identified and recorded.

It was initially done in the hope of finding due reasons to causes of inconceivable situations. But someone along the line figured out the dhiti when used while applying the amount of shak can reverse the process and bring in the action.

Dhiti, as a result, was divided into the audio and visual – verbal incantations and runic image.

Spell is the programmee…. It is just one word


Def of wand

A magical device that performs high speed processing of chin and manipulation of shak. All magic staff contains a central piece known as cheral, it is a thin rod placed inside the staff (construction of its making is hidden and is taught only at the end of apprentice ship) .
The cheral interprets the spells and runes drawn using the staff by the staff wielder which invokes the chin stored in the cheral and produces the wanted effect needed by manipulating the shak from the source.
It is also used to store chin which when used will execute a specific effect, so that it can be used for invoking spells.
The spells used by sorcerers could differ even though the effect could be the same, this is because the spell is usually just a word that produces the sound needed to trigger the chin, the spell itself doesn’t have any power. In short the spell only acts as a trigger. And as a result the magicians gives different incantation that would act as trigger for the chin.
The ways of keying chin into the staff are by using pointer (mashi) to draw glyphs and runes into a slate known as  absac which is connected to the wand (when a wand is made, the slate (absac) and pointer(mashi) are also made) and thus the chin enter the staff; this is because chin in its primary form is a thought or an idea which can be shown easily through pictures that is runes. Using smell, sound and touch are also known but are seldom used that is because other senses are hard to be used to form an idea.
The way of using each senses of magic are known as schools of magic….  Like the school of runes( eye), school of dance ( touch), school of song( sound) ,  school of alchemy(taste and smell)- potions and stuffs.


output devices, such as magic spheres and wands and staffs, manipulates the shak to get the desired result.


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