World of Greyl – The Nine Arts

Seven Arts

Elemental Arts- Elementals
Each elements in the world has a particular frequency, the elemental s have achieved mastery over these elements and combine them and make them link to shaks to make it react to particular reactions

Space and Time Arts – Summoners , Seers
Space and time arts are also known as dead arts since nothing new has been discovered or invented in the past century, it is in a way different from the shak related workings. Only admashak or a’shak is used to summor creatures from the spirit world and so can’t use it to summon himan or living beings.

Alchemy – Alchemists

Rune casting, spell making – Enchanters
Martial Art -Mystics

Mental Arts – Mentalists

Art of biology- Healers,

Black Art – Forbidden Art

Blood Art – Dread Art


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