World of Greyl – Realms


The world is divided into four realms or dimensions each with different forms of shak and dhiti in it.
-Realm of life
-Realm of dead
-Realm of spirit
-Realm of void

Realm of life or Jeva
The realm of life is inhabited by the living, the world as we see it. The shak in this realm is called jevashak or j’shak also called shak in most common cases. This shak helps in the forming of the world as we know it according to the direction of chin. Heat in a way can be denoted as the nature of pure form of j’shak and the shade of color in its natural form is shads of red..
The chin in this realm is going to fullfilment

Realm of dead or Mara
The realm of dead is inhabited by the dead. The shak in this realm is called marashak or ma’shak and moves according to the chin in this realm. The chin in the realm ends into nothingness. The natue of ma’shak is coldness and the shade of color it poses is shades of blue.

The chin from realm of life after reaching its epitome or fulfilment or when the idea is fully formed slips into the realm of dead and gradually starts its flow towards nothingness.

Realm of spirit or Adma
The realm of spirit is smaller compared to jeva and mara, the chin do not flows through this realm unless specially directed. Humans who can naturally produce chin can thus manipulate the admashak or adi’shak
to their needs. This realm is connected to realm of jeva through a link known as korinti through which the chin flows.

Realm of void or Ila
People who learned about realms believe that this realm was formed to balance the formation of adma realm, it also has no flow of chin through it unless specially directed. This realm is connected to mara similar to the way adma is connected to jeva – through a korinti.
The dead usually doesn’t produce thoughts, only a few in their semi dead state, does that and that explains some unnatural occurrences like the formation of ghosts designated to fulfilling their last wishes.


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