World of Greyl – Intro

It is a world that dance to the two stars, Inara and Ingarka – one the prime and other the elder, suns of night and day. The days of Greyl, are alternated between these two suns and the cycle is called Cerulean Cycle. Under these suns, the land thrived and led to the rise of many life forms – both fascinating and terrifying – both mortal and immortal.
It is a world that is filled with lands isolated by un-navigatable seas of mists, leaving each land alone to create its own civilisation and wonders. And in this world the land of Aranthi or Arand or Aghinan as the people had come to call it is the largest land, that once saw the might of the greatest civilisation the world had ever seen.
After being ravaged by the claws of time, Aranthi is now riddled in discord and shadows of past is rising to torment the land. It is a land where the source of the world had already been tapped into and where ancient arts had been employed to create, preserve and destroy as seen wise. While much of the ancient technologies and arts of the old empire is lost from the memory of many, a few yearns to find the lost arts while others see the arts like the ninth art best forgotten.

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