World of Greyl – Dhiti and Shak

” The world of Zaura itself is a pool of energy in its solid form along with a vast infinite amount of energy in its ethereal state. And Shak is the name of the pure ethereal energy that exists in the world .”
“The four things that move the world of Zaura is shak, sama, gathi and dhiti.”
Shak is the elemental energy that makes up the world, Sama is the name given to time by the ancients, gathi is the unmeasurable space that exists and dhiti is the invisible flow at which the world moves, some call it the law of world, some the invisible hand of thoughts, or the consciousness of the world itself.

Space is not really taken into account in by the old scholars as the vastness of it has left the ones who set on to discover about it baffled and time, on the other hand, is always moving at a constant flow leaving Dhiti and Shak as the things that matter for the mancers .

Dhiti are the thoughts or flows of ideas according to which Shak  the energy moves. Shak molds itself according to the flow of dhiti and thus brought the existence of the world itself.

It is specualted that Dhiti had existed long before and will continue to exist with the passage of time, most of the times recurring and sometimes forming something entirely new.

In essence, the world and the beings in it itself are ideas that may have occurred coincidentally. But these ideas always supposed to return to where it began to nothingness so that the cycle may continue.


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