World of Greyl – Calean Cycle

The phenomenon of day and night in the world of Greyl is known as Calean Cycle.

Greyl is flanked on both sides by two suns both smaller than the planet itself. One of the stars, the larger one is stationary and almost lights one-third of the Greyl while the second sun moves to and fro in sync with the planet itself.

Greyl also do not revolve around the first sun, it revolves but away and towards the first sun. That is there is no sun in the centre of the Greyl’s revolving path.

The second sun also moves similar to the rotation of the Greyl, thus keeping the distance between them same at all the time. This leads to the phenomenon of Calean Cycle. Each rotation of the Greyl consists of two days and two nights.

It takes about 48 hours for the planet to rotate. The duration of the two nights are the same but for the days the durations are different. The number of hours of the day for the first sun also known as the yellow sun is greater than the second sun is also known as the blue sun.

Calean drift on the other hand is the tilting of the planet on its axis. These leads to change in seasons.


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