Art of Mystics – Wiki

Apart from the methods of using runes, spells and potions. The art of mystics advocates the path of connecting to the world itself through the formation of scrims.

Even then the ability to touch the different fields of the world through scrims are limited. As of now in different parts of the world, the fields that have been discovered are force fields, light fields, sound fields, temperature field, spark field.

Force field – 
rest , defensive force field – makes the person resistant to any force, downside can’t move 
motion, agility based force – makes the person more agile
gravity , push or pull force –  
magnetic, some metals can be controlled using the power telekinetically, sometimes the metals has to be kept under the force field for a long time to make it possible. But changing the shape of the material will affect the control slightly. Iron metal is favored

Light waves – 
manipulate light, 
laser – concentrate the light to produce the powerful laser.
sensors – 

Sound waves – manipulate sound, 
sonic waves,

Temperature fields – manipulate hot and cold

Spark field – manipulation of electricity. is a newly found affinity


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