TNA Chapter 0.0

” A new kid? You called in the cavalry for him.” “Is he someone special? ”
” No nothing special . It’s the usual kind. The cavalry is for something else.”

” He waited for Ajmen to continue with what he was saying, but nothing more was forthcoming from him.” He smiled wrily to himself. ” He didn’t ask.”

“If Ajmen isn’t talking . He must have been expressly forbidden from talking.” He had the child held in the crook of his arm, the child was sleeping soundlessly in his arms. It seems someone have cared to put a muffler on him. Ajmen certainly wasn’t the one to do.

” Isn’t he a bit older for the usual admissions.”
“Don’t worry he will just fit in.”, he seems to be agitated for some reason. Jagi wouldn;t have bothered asking but for some reason words

“The kid is three years old right.”
” So what we will get some other three year olds to be entered with him.”
He will have memmories of his old life
You worry too much. The elders have taken care of it probably.
Jagi shuddered at the thought. The mentalists were scary.

Dont worry he is young. He will never know.
You seems sure. Did the seers say so.

Ajmen’s face made  a frown.
” No, the seers cant see him.”

” What?”, Jagi hissed.
” Shut up you will let others know.”

” He is a problem Ajmen. What are the elders thinking? Who is he? They won’t ever take this much risk if the order wasn’t payed heavily.”

“You do not need to know that Jagi. It isn;t in your best interest to prod things. You would have been a seeker if you had been any good at prodding things
Jagi’s face made a scowl. That hurt. Seekers had one of toppest rankings in the order, just below the elders.
. Tell your men to carry out the chest from the carriage. Its important.

He looked back at his men who were standing at a distance respectfully from their conversation. He summoned two of his men and ordered them to secure the chest.

” So where are we going to.”
” Niden”.



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