Soul Energy – Wiki

Soul energy or Ojma is the energy present in the soul realm or nirvriti or soul plane. It is the plane that exists most outside of all the realms.
Nirvriti is connected to the material plane or life plane through emotions. The realm is seen cloudy except for objects with strong emotional background, stonger the emotion more visible the object or the place. Sometimes the objects or places can even produce an amount of light from it making the places around it visible as well. Cities, villages, forts, battle fields etc are examples to such places. Sometimes some well known roads or paths also acts similarly.
Always a particular amount of soul energy is accumulated in birth through soul seeds. Soul seeds are basically spirit energy and life energy formed at a particular concentration and pattern which attracts soul energy from soul realm. Soul seeds are formed during consummation and thus every beings born naturally obtains a soul.
Soul energy or Ojma can be further accumulated through maintaining a particular set of emotions which enable a person to open the door to soul realm and accumulate the energy.  Meditation through serenity enables a person to draw out soul energy and store it much more easily than by using any other emotions, keeping other emotions constantly for a period of time is impossible in most cases, thus serenity is the best choice.
It usually takes an amount of time to open a soul door using emotion and the door also can get closed, if the emotion is changed suddenly even resulting in backlashes. Also trying to open a soul door with an emotion first time is harder, with practice the process becomes faster.
Descended also obtains a soul, when the realms of Nirvriti, Bodhiga and Zaura opens during convergence. But they will be heavily anchored on a particular emotion based on the type of door opened..

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