Society of Arrasta

The society of the kingdom is divided basically into four –
                                   The lowest level of the society in the Empire of Arrasta.
Shahans –
 The name of the old empire is still used by the blood ( Qan’s and Igazi’s) to call the commomners of the land. They basically include the commoners of the old kingdom, low level merchants, etc.
The name was collectively used to call the old tribes in the old age. Now it is seen as a sign of status. The  clans, Old Shahan nobility ,and very rich merchants are included in this group but among them the clans exercise more power than the latter. They are also given most of the military and governing roles under the Igazis.
Their are about 29 clans each having almost the same level. Each clans are under the direct rule of Dhyan , so that they would not deviate to any of the Arkai’s to prevent rise of factions.

Igazis – The blood lords –

The levels among the Igazi’s are
Low bloods or low houses      – Alaki
High bloods or high houses    – Hikre
Arch Bloods or prime houses – Arkai
Above them are the hundred which consists of the hundred most powerful Igazis – Hastovas
Among them on the top stands the succesors 29 – Gams

and above them stands the focus or the emperor or Dhyan

The Arkai’s that had been royal house was Dhashin. The only ruling house ever sinc the start of Arrasta dynasty making them powerful than the other prime houses.

Each member of the blood has a limited amount of power over madness, the blood mostly marries among themselves but the level has widened with time. Some of the tribes who had married to the blood also has the powers. Other than that the tribe carries the madness within them but have no power over it. In the end, if the tribes where to be destroyed the madness power will fall.
The lowest level is emotions. But the scale in which the madness can be spread differs according to the power


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