SAP Chapter 8

” We help ourselves to some food ”
” I heard that it is the great Guwananshi who is cooking today ”
” Is he that good ”
” No but he has an eye for talent … He ensnares poor talented ones in cooking as his apprentice and makes them do all the work ”

So why does people still go to him to be his apprentice ”
“Everyone knows he has a good eye ”
” So if you are a person who had Guwanshi’s eye on… Then he must be good … and make no mistake the ones who had been promoted into adept by him are also wanted ”
” All they see is the prestige they can get from being one of his students ”
” What they do not see is they might be able to better earn this much by being able to promote them by themselves instead of toiling five years undr him ”

The voices in the hall stopped as the door from the inner echelon chamber opened, the host of the party walked out beaming. Arnick couldn’t figure out at first but soon it became clear that he was beaming at them. At his sifde was the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life. On Weimon’s other side was the one in uniform thatr had brought Arnick and his men to the party. Behind them was what it seemed was a group of nobbles with puzzled look.

“Welcome my friends …. I believe you have brought me a gift”
Serkhai spluttered the wine from the cup that he had just tipped into his mouth.” What the hell “, he said.
His eyes grew wide.
Arnick noticed the man that had been following them stiffen. He was staring at Weimon with surprise for that matter every one was looking at Weimon with surprise. He looked around the people that was gathered in the hall.
“Ah well you might all be surprised with my antics now”, he said spreading his hand . ” All will become clear soon, I have prepared a surprise for you ”
” What is it my love “, asked Werimon’s wife. Arnick could see that she was clearly taken aback. He guessed from other visitors face that Weimon never talked walked or stood like that. The man exceeded confidence and didn’t look like the idiot Serkhai had talked about. Their was a dark glint in his eyes, the kind of glint Arnick had seen in the eyes of Scrawly when he had a prank or trap set up.

Weimon looked back at her, Arnick couldn’t see the eyes but the faces that had seen the eyes left enough emotions in their faces for Arnick to know that what they saw in Weimon’s eye was not pretty. Weimon stare lingered for a few seconds, he said ” I loved you “, then turned his face towards Arnick. Then he smiled.
Then he turned towards the man that had been following Arnick and Serkhai and bowed to him deeply. ” I am
The past month had tested my


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