SAP Chapter 7

The hell’sdoor is said to be the worst slime infested corner of the Aseon city where malfeasance fed on the carcass of the onetime great city of Aseon also known as the fallen city of Ashethi, the name of an old empire long lost. But the ones who knew the intricate working of the city new the mediapo the city center district where the council ruled was the most dangerous. A slip of tongue, or a wrong look could get men killed in Hell’sdoor.But the Mediapo offered even worse and all who had walked the darkest path of lives knows their are worse things than death.

Arnick Silvertooth knew the basics of corruption, but lacked the expertise one gathered over the years by spinning webs in the council for the smugglers, downtroddens and thiefs by the intricate art of diplomacy and negotiations. So when he was asked to attend a small private meeting of fellow peers of higher standing who had invited him after learing about his ventures,  to resolve the obvious disadvantage Arnick had hired Serkhai the Arbitrator, the man is said to be good at parleying just like how fishes can swim. It is said that he is keeping atleast five negotiations to just keep himself alive from an early death.

Arnick liked the man, he in a way mirrored him. The scar that had left him with a permanent smirk went well with Serkhai’s poked face which was always twisted into a permanent sneer.And he was older than Arnick which meant wisdom that could be shared and weaker than him in strength which made Arnick feel secure of not getting overpowered if Serkhai decides to stab him in the back.

The marble fortress of Aseon glittered under the moon light that kissed the walls, the night was perfect for a romantic stroll and swim in Aseon or for dark shaded diplomacy which usually ended with someone taking a dip in the sea of Aseon with a rock chained to his leg.The night meetings are usually held by the cities finest lords and ladies, the city has a strong reputation for holding no gender biases which was not upto Arnick’s taste one of the many reasons why he had never worked this inland from the sea.

But call of money was greater this time and this particular venture promised him alot, so he and his men had proceeded to steal the specific tome the specific client had asked him and reached the harbors of Aseon to accquire the rembuirshment for the particular venture. A man had later arrived and promised to fill them with the promised coins on bringing the tomes to the mansion of the Allethi, the mansion was historic to Aseon citizens and thats where the council that ruled the city plied their trade and the ones who wanted to rule the city went to learn. Though all the learning was self motivated ones in the end they come out excellent politicians just like how Gomuthis make their warriors, throw them into midst of a fight to death… The ones who come back are born warriors or are lucky ones and all knew lucky ones also made excellent warrors

Anrick watched the distant city lights flare and flutter blinking like the far away stars in the night sky. Surprisingly the night sky was clear, no stars dorned in the sky, except the moon. The streets where filled with carts, but not conjusted like the morning hours. Arnick has ordered his men Young Crowl, Scrawly Morque and Madeye Quinten to meet him at the cities south  district centre with a coach, while he got the arbitor.

” Its bad ”
” What ”
” No stars but the moon still shines ”
” So ”
” The scriptures says that the moon the god of love and luck is always surrounded by his female freinds the stars, the moon is never supposed to be alone. And when he comes alone, its a bad night for a stroll”
” Stupid superstitions my friend ”

” Lets hope for the best ”
” How are we to enter the the party ”
” I have got invitations ”
” And to enter the inner circle ”
The Aseons corrupt overlords when throws a party can’t expect the corrupt people of the country to just stay away. So the parties would have essentialy three cirlces and depending upon the level and power the number of circles will increase. Many methods are ordained as a way to step into the next circle. The known rich and powerful usually get free pass up to a certain circles, the other circles can be entered with secret words said and looking at the right guy at the right time. And when it came to secret meetings during a party, things get a whole lot complicated.
” I have got orders ” Arnick replied. His men would direct as to his tire of council.

I must say a moon light walk to senors house is not my fortay, I have ordered my men to meet at the patron’s cricle with a coach.

The patron’s circle in ancient days was a well known junction where men of talents came to horn their skill in softer arts of poetry, instruments and dance. Now the place was where one hornes his talent in slighter arts like pickpocketing, selling and killing. Duals are fought here just as to spite the ancient builders and visionaries.

A coach was waiting at the circle, dark shaded but pleasant enough to warrant that the owner of the coach was living in good conditions, to have been able to keep the coach for himself this long. Mad eye was sitting with Scrawly in the helm. Young Crowl was standing outside by the door. He opened the door as they approached.
” You are late ”
” The night was too good for a fast paced stroll…. Boys meet arbitor …. arbitor meet boys….. Do not worry they won’t bite ”
” Worry …. well worry is good for one who has job as mine ”
” Where did you get the coach from  boys ”
” Scrawly borrowed it ” spoke Young.
” Did he now ”
” Aaah reprieve at last my…. young bones tire faster you see.”
” You are as young as my grandmother “, growled Young ” Get in “.
He swept one hard muscled hand through his greying hair and closed the coach’s door. Young was probably the most experienced man in our group with experience garnered when he was still a kid. The name young had since then passed on from one group that he had been with. But patience left left his grasp completely, one of the reasons why Arnick led and Crowl followed.

The coach started through the seat as soon as Young took the seat by the door.
“So mind telling me the point of my coming, I am yet to be made aware of the details. ”
” You do not know why you are coming with us ”
” I know the obvious, but I would like to know some more details, contrary to the popular belief, every succesfull arbiter will like to know the details before they walk into the meeting. An average arbiter will need months or weeks before they could prepare for the meeting but lucky for you I am not the average run of the mill parleyer ”
” Really ”
” Ofcourse I am much better ”
”  We will see ”
” Or you will be dead “, on that note I do hope you had left your boat prepared for a hasty journey ” said Serkhai pointing his fingers to top. ” I am not saying that the almighty will face away from us ”
” Then what are you saying ”
” I am saying that almighty like men who are prepared, the ones who are not ready always die ”

” I would be charmed if you would stop your preeaching Arbiter … All this talk about god puts a man on edge. A man usually talks about gods mostly when they have lived their time in the world ”
” Nonsense then all the priests should be dead by now ”
” Thats the problem arbiter we are not priests ”

” So what can you teell me about the deal ”
” Its nothing much really, we were made aware of A noble in Aseon taking a particular interest in a tome from the dragon temple ”
” Dragon temple you say … You stole form the temple … You do know that the ones who steal from the temple are cursed ….. By the Domains I might get cursed for just working for you “, he stopped to breath and then continued ” I expect a good contribution in the end ”
” You will get your half ”
” Well then do continue ”
” So the money being offered was really good, and I was in dire need of it ”
” Who isn’t need of it … And I hope its a large sum too for you will be cursed for styealing it ”
” Are you really an arbiter ”
” And do pay me not from the money you would be getting from the idiot who would be buying from you… Its possible that the ones who will be holding the money will be the only one affected ”
” Do you want to know the details about the trade ”
” Just tell me the name of the client ”
” Lord Weimon Asdeherek ”
” The baffoon…is a pious man , more pious than me …. He probably is a proxy…. Someone must be suing him. ”
” Are you sure ”
” Pretty sure ”
” How? ”
” Becaus ei had been arbiter for a while…. I speak from experience ”
” You can garner one is proxy from just knowing his name ”
” No I know  Weimon Asdeherek is being used a s aproxy because he has been used in the same way before ”

” We are here boss ”
” Aah good… I was getting stuffed in this pathetic excuse for a coach ”
” Do you ever shut up ”
” When it would keep me from getting killed… Ofcourse I will ”
” Good then I will kill you if you wont shut up ”
” I don’t think your bose here would agree with you ”
” One more question Mr silvertooth …. Whom do you owe so much money to ”
” To the Dragon Temple ”
” Huh you expect to pass on the curse back to the temple itself huh… Good thinking but not brilliant enough I must say ”
” So I haven’t seen any scrolls yet …”
” Does this coach have any secret chamber where it is hidden “, he asked while looking into the coach past Arnick.

” Yes Boss ”
” The scroll Please ” ”
” Yes Boss “, scrawly replied againa nad threw a scroll that he retrieved from his coat to Arnick.
” The one looking for the scroll won’t look in the dead body of the coach driver “, Arnick replied as an answer to Serkhai’s raised eyebrow.
”  Thats just idotically stupid though but true nonetheless “Serkhai replied ” but idiotic nonetheless ”

” OFcourse he is easily one of the richest lord in Aseon ”
Show the invitation to the guard.

” So what can you tell me about Lord Weimon ”
” What can I say… Well he is a pious one …..Probably the only good soul in the hell sport of island…. Rich Ancestors and really lucky or maybe he is a genius in business, he makes a lot of money from investments he had made and he is also ready to give a lot of money to the poor and so is a hero among the poor and thieves mostly never touches his godowns…. But he is an idiot and so still gets cheated,”
” I believe the god has given all his protection to him because I can’t see how he can still float a busineess among the eels   ”
” true …. And many had used him as proxy for business and the merits being, thieves wont touch his merchandise. ”
” Thats sounds reasonable”
” Also because he is an idiot many uses his name to get assassins and no one will try to kill him because he has a lot of support from the commoners…but the practise had been stopped since no one uses Weimon as proxy no because they all know it wont be him….  ”
” So someone has decided to use his name again ”
” Anything new about him ”
” Oh yes he married a woman … not a faithfull one and it seems the tale of her flower is told even among the commoners ”
” A bad man has an unfaithfull wife…. People says because he deseves it …. A good man has an unfaithfull wife …… People say he is an idiot ”
” Thpough I am surprise the tales had not reached him yet ”
” He probably hadn’t believed it ”
” How come …. Some time ago their was tale that he ot cheated by his best friend But he decided not to heed any of the rumors …. ”
” Was their any truth in the rumor ”
” Yes ”
” He is really an Idiot uhuh … ”
” it seems so… He hasn’t go much respect among the commoners these days ”

” Poor man “… But he is really rich “, said Young looking through the huge window that showed the huge garden washed by the moon froom the night sky

They were met with a man in uniform , probably a staff in the manor.
I will lead YOU to upper chambers my Lords. he bowed and took the invitation from them ,hE began making way trough the crowd. Bidding therm to follow him. .

The party in the upper echelon was slow but was going in full swing, the hall was just as big as the one below but had lesser number of people
” It somehow feels weird ”
” I have this distinct feeling that we are being followed ”
” We are being followed ”
” Oh my ”
” From when ”
” From outside the manor ”
” Must be the key man, but why isn’t he making any move to come to speakw ith us ”
” patience Arnick… Its just a simple courtesy… Your client probably want to indulge you in some treat or maybe he is an indifferent bastard and want to keep us waiting for an hour or so before he is ready to meet with us ”
” What till then ”


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