SAP Chapter 6

” Yulan looked at the

” I think I gave them what they needed to know of who really is out their ”

” Who ?”

” Gorgons ”

” So old man Nelphi was right huh”, said a voice,Yulan looked up to see a man .

” He keeps swearing that he heard Gorgon war horn ”

” He must have heard it, I heard the Gorgon retreating, I think they must have been fighting another gorgon tribe”

” Why can’t those monsters just battle it out in their word ”

” I had never seen gorgon tribes fighting each other ”

” No one ever had boy or they had never lived to tell the tale ”

” You are wrong ”

” Eh?”” Wrong I said ”

” Are you calling me a liar? ”

” All lies are wrong boy but not all wrong are lies ”

” You are telling the truth about the Gorgon’s outside in that blighted forest, but they are not battleing each other … They are battling the wild hunt, the stormcloaks, the dawn of storm itself, and its not the Gorgons who had summoned the storm, its the storm of ascendence thats dancing outside ”

Yulan’s eyes were closed, a small frown was set in his face. I looked over at Toshi to find him asleep.

” I had never seen any boys fall asleep this fast my lord”.

I looked back at the maid who was trying to compliment my story telling gift, was she not aware that the compliment was more of a rebuke.

I rose from the seat nodding my head walked outside to the corridor, and made my way to the other side of the house where Volin stayed. I walked into his work room and found him bend over scribbling on a writing board, the sign of archivist that usually hung around his neck was placed on the table.

“I thought you guys never removed it from your necks.”

” I like to look it placed on a table or of that sort……”

” Weird ”

” Why are you here my lord”

” The cause I believe can be traced back to you ”

” What did I do my lord?”

” I was telling my children the tale of Yulan since they wouldn’t go to bed because they were hyped up ”

” I do not think you can fault me for telling the kids some tales ”

” No man can, I came here because you are an archivist ”

” Oh are you ready to tell your history ”

” Better I have got a story for you… Though it always surprise me with the number of seers employed by your people you should have by now proceeded to look up my history by now ”

” We think its improper to do so when a man lives ”

” And the Dead ”

” They won’t come back to bite at you for writing down something about them that they didn’t want the world to know ”

” No honor for the dead huh ”

” I don’t think they would mind, So where will we begin ”

” Well , I am more in a mood to tell a story ”

” A Story? ”

” Story of Yulan ”

“A bed time story? ”

“There is more to it ”

” Well then … From where will we begin ”


” Wild Hunt ?, I thought that was a myth”

” In some lands us humans are myth boy”

” I have seen my fare of winters , so you can stop calling me boy ”

” I don’t care about the number of summers you had seen”

” what I would like to know is how are you aware that their is a battle between the Wild Hunt and Gorgons ”

” Its easy, its the day of ascendence and I was the one who told the gorgons about the position of ascendence ”

” You ?”

” I can’t do much when I am surrounded by Gorgon Witches ”

” Why do they wanted to know the position of the ascendence?”

” You ask a lot of questions”

” Maybe you would like to answer to those in the iron bands ”

” The prince of the tribe that had caught me wanted to vrest the control of wild hunt under him ”

” The ascendence ground gives an oppurtunity for it ”

” can it even be done ”

” they are gorgons ”

” What does one have to do ”

” I will keep the story for some other time”

” Its better to not even speak about it……… Some stories are better left buried so that it won’t come to haunt us back ”

” What are you babbling on about monk ”

” Shut up Gon when your better’s are talking.

The old soldier glared at Gon. ,

Suddenly a mans starts laughing you are right about the gorgons lurking around the forest but the one they are fightinga re the wild hunt

But why… How do you know that and what do you mean by safe

The story is for another time and as for how we are safe, well the castle some wards have unleashed power

What did he mean by the castles ward will keep them off

Is their kind of magic in the castle , one of the mercenaries smuggler

Its better not to dwell much into it boy


Its only wise not to call on the ancient spell;s attention to us

What the hell are you lot talking so cryptically

Boy get this into your head .. We are not spelling out specifinc word sabout this castle becasue we have no idea how the ancient spells in the caslte has been laid . Its better to medtate and keep silent.. Saying so the priest was about to rise when a boy settle near him and spoke in a loud voice

” I am bored … He looked att he priest

What is your name

The priest looked at him and then clamped his mouth shut

Making funny faces is not going to alleviate my boredom priest

Stop pestering the priest boy I will tell you a story

The kid’s face split into a smile that made Yulan’s spirit cry

” What have you done you fool ”

” what”

” its the ghost :

” Are you saying that this kid is a ghost ”

” Yulan looked back att boy to see him floating in the air

The merchant gave out a yell and lept back and fell near to the fires the tongues of flames licked his clothes tinging it

The man yelled and moved away from the flames

” Gather around people … Gather around … “, the spectral voice boomed. Yulan watched as the form of boy disintegrated, the tenctacles of mist that formed around him spread among the people gathered in the hall bidding them to the centre of the hall where the oak tree stood, the rain that was building a pool in the bottom had stopped, Yulan was sure he hadn’t missed the sounds of the rain drops in the water at the base of the tree a few seconds before.

The lumisant mist was seeping into the hall from the root of the tree embedded into the runed floors of the castle, the boy appeared from a thick rope of mist that was dangling in the air searching for a foot hold to ties itself in.

He smiled at the gathering of the people.

Oh don’t bother yelling at the poor man…

You have already been entrapped in my web when you enterd the castle

A fly cant lounge into a spiders web and live, it will get caught in the web inspite of not wying the spiders attention

Well I do not like people talking about me or my hobbieseither

Caught in trap….. Who said that I can leave anytime I want…….

What do you want spirit

I want stories….. living in a moldy castle outside the path of the time has left me bored….

I like to hear stories, not the made up ones. I want the stories that you have lived through the horror and tragedies of it or the ones you have right over it by blood

Feel free to try the chains that had been laid on you by now.

Don’t bother its telling the truth……

” Aah a blood of a prophet ”

” I can sense lies that are told ”

” But not the lies the speaker itself believes to be true ”

” Huh ”

” Half truths can get around your power, you shouldn’t always depend on it ”

” So can we escape or not ”

” Nope ”

” The creature is a powerful one ”

” What now ”

” Story time ….. ” yelled the ghost

The cries of children echoed in the castle as the ghost child waited hanging in the oak tree. and muffled sounds of men talking kept the silence at back. Some of the soldiers that had come with the lord of castle moor was suddenly visible among the priests who were hudled next to the men, women and children from the caravan that had seeked the protection of the castle from the storm. Drowning in the irony and fear.

Yulan found himself surrounded by strangers, a huge man wearing a hooded overall to his right and the man who claimed himself to be a merchant who got his clothes singed by the fire to his left. Yulan found himself at the front of the group, he stepped back and found no space for retreat and felt the men on his either side shadowing the same situation and reaction.

” Well since we are blessed with a large number of guests, only one story is needed to be told by a family”, he said pointedly towards the caravan, some of the men and women now looked with renewed hope, sensing a change in the air the cries of the children subsided.

” Let it be told that Ghost of Valad is not without love ”

A small nervous laughter errupted from the back which instantly stopped once the ghost eyes passed through Yulan and the group with who he was sitting. It swept back to the group locking in a standstill watching them

We five have travelled for more than twenty years together, we are a family……

Granted …

Huh…… thank you uhm… My lord


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