SAP Chapter 4

The main hall was three floors high or so it seemed, the ceiling above blended with the darkness of the night visible from the hole in the ceiling. Water poured through the hole into the floor forming a pool at the base of an oak tree that had grown at the centre of the hall feeding on the sunlight that poured from the hole during the day.  The shadow of the giant oak,flicked towards Yulan’s feet feeding on the light from the fires around the tree , where it wrangled like a fluttering shadowy flame reflecting its makers.Yulan heard the door of the hall close behind him as he observed the room, some of the people that had found refuge in the castle turned around to look at the new comer, Yulan returned the favor studying the small gathering , their were atleast four large groups, all dressed differently in different fashion , indicating different nationality and different life styles. Multiple fires has been set in each group to warm themselves.

The man leading Yulan moved towards the group that mainly comprised of soldiers, each one of them sitting around the fire, murmuring about some warm girl from their hometown or about the beast of the forests. The group was huddled into a corner of the hall, away from the roots of the oak that was spread through the floor of the old hall, cracking into the ancient grey tiles forming intricate patterns.
As Yulan approached them with the others, their attention zeroed on him, he could feel the eyes from far other corners. Four men sat around a fire in the centre of the group, each of them dressed austanatiously and each of them sat with bearing of nobles who had found themselves in an undesirable place. Three of them turned around to look at the men approaching them.
The soldier who was leading the way indicated Yulan to stay as he stepped forward and saluted the four, standing straight and fist to his chest. He then proceeded to introduce Yulan to them. He turned towards Yulan.
” You are in the presence of Duke Firedam of Moor Castle , Lord Frostwall, Lord Streamcall and Lord Warkeep”
The lords of moor castle weren’t reasonable men, they invited Yulan to their fire and asked him about what he saw and what he heard, all the time making Yulan keep a respectful distance from them and the fire as was considered proper. Yulan described about the howl and how he had reached the castle through the chilling winds as the chill in his body rose with increase in cold in the hall, that seeped into the hall from the storm.
After sometime the unhappy lords gave him leave to dry and warm himself by the fire. Yulan turned around and picked his way away from the group, he wasn’t going to ask them to share their fire after the treatment he had just suffered under them.
His eyes went through the other groups that hudled at the corners of the castle, his eyes fell on the group that looked like as if they were all strangers in the castle, he knew he would feel at home their.

As he approached the group, he noticed some men break away from the third and fourth group and walking towards the on he was walking. A man form the group he has walked towards stepped forward, bidding him towards the fire.

” You are welcome to our fire stranger “, the man said he was a huge man with greying hair.
” My thanks , the fire from the group of soldiers was cold”
” They had been asking around all the ones who had come in after them about the situation out side the walls which would be about half of our group “, said the man. ” They suspect some army or bandits are outside their…. They were probably making sure that that you were not one of the bandits ”
” How can they do that ”
” Lords of castle moor are known for having Prophetic blood in them”
” The Old castle lord is said to have been a prophet himself ”
” He was a good man, too bad he died ”
” Every one dies ”
”  Not really ”
” I think I gave them the info of who really is out their ”
” Who ?”
” Gorgons ”
” So old man Nelphi was right huh”, said  a voice,Yulan looked up to see a man .
” He keeps swearing that he heard Gorgon war horn ”
” He must have heard it, I heard the Gorgon retreating, I think they must have been fighting another gorgon tribe”
” Why can’t those monsters just battle it out in their word ”
” I had never seen gorgon tribes fighting each other ”
” No one ever had boy or they had never lived to tell the tale ”
” You are wrong ”
” Eh?”
” Wrong I said ”
” Are you calling me a liar? ”
” All lies are wrong boy but not all wrong are lies ”
” You are telling the truth about the Gorgon’s outside in that blighted forest, but they are not battleing each other … They are battling the wild hunt, the stormcloaks, the dawn of storm itself, and its not the Gorgons who had summoned the storm, its the storm of ascendence thats dancing outside ”

Yulan’s eyes were closed, a small frown was set in his face. I looked over at Toshi to find him asleep.
” I had never seen any boys fall asleep this fast my lord ”
I looked back at the maid who was trying to compliment my story telling gift, was she not aware that the compliment was more of a rebuke.
I rose from the seat nodding my head walked outside to the corridor, and made my way to the other side of the house where Volin stayed. I walked into his work room and found him bend over scribbling on a writing board, the sign of archivist that usually hung around his head was placed on the table.
“I thought you guys never removed it from your necks.”
” I like to look it placed on a table or of that sort……”
” Weird ”
” Why are you here my lord”
” The cause I believe can be traced back to you ”
” What did I do my lord?”
” I was telling my children the tale of Yulan since they wouldn’t go to bed cos they were hyped up ”
” I do not think you can fault me for telling the kids some tales ”
” No man thats not the cause, I came here because you are an archivist ”
” Oh are yu ready to tell your history ”
” Better I have got a story for you… Though it always surprise me with the number of seers employed by your people you should have by now proceeded to look up my history by now ”
” We think its improper to do so when a man lives ”
” And the Dead ”
” They won’t come back to bite at you for writing down something about them that they didn’t want the world to know ”
” No honor for the dead huh ”
” I don’t think they would mind, So where will we begin ”
” Well , I am more in a mood to tell a story ”
” A Story? ”
” Story of Yulan ”
” Well … From where will we begin “


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