Runes- Wiki

Runes manifest in the spirit realm. Runes can be divided into three – Veridical runes, Reflected runes and Shadow runes.

Of these Veridical runes can be seen in almost every part of the spirit realm, it is thought that it is formed as a result of particular action caused by spirit energy. It was from here the first rune masters studied the runes and began using it to manipulate spirit energy to fullfill their purpose.
They found that the process could be reversed if the rune was drawn and spiritual energy was poured into it, the particular action takes place. These runes are also known as spirit runes.
Spirit energy unlike the soul energy doesn’t have a devastating effect (corrosive effect) for the life energy. So spirit energy doesn’t have any destructive power. As a result they are used to form seals, and to create different forms using spirit energy like box, chain , etc.

Reflected runes are hard to find, they are formed due to the attraction between spirit energy and life energy and as a result of the link between the two realms, these runes appear in the fringes of the spirit realm close to life realm. These runes appear fast and disappear even faster. They are formed as a result of changes or any action happening in the material realm. And as a result these runes can cause effect in material plane. These runes are also known as life runes.
Rune masters keeps the knowledge of these runes hidden as great secrets.

Shadow runes are considered mythical by many rune masters. These are known as shadow runes as it forms on the other side of the spirit realm close to the soul realm. These runes are said to have the ability to control emotions or instil them, while some have the ability to open soul gates, while some others have the ability to cause ascendence and desendence.  They are also known as soul runes. The asendents are the ones who have the knowledge of these runes. Even them have only limited knowledge of a few runes.
For example dark master possess the rune of instill fear and its different variations and runes of ascendence and desendence. As time passess they may even find runes of controling the flow of soul energy like spirit energy.


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