Life Energy – Wiki

Material energy or life force or vitality is the energy that makes the world. It is divided into three – active, dormant and affinity life force.
Active life force is one which accumulates as one grows and starts losing it after growing old, it can be increased by exercise and food but doesn’t remain and is slowly lost. It’s the natural energy every being possess.
Dormant life force is the vitality that forms the body but sometimes these dormant abilities become active and beings with these abilities are called body manipulators. In some rarer cases some beings can even manipulate the life force to form an armor like automation around the being. Automation thus made of life energy forms an aura like form which is sometimes used as a shield or extension of the being itself. These type of automation is called spectral lives.
Affinity life force, on the other hand, has the natural affinity to – force fields, light waves, sound waves, temperature fields and spark fields. The affinity can change according to the person’s physiology. Some may have a higher affinity for a particular field than others. The spark field is a recent discovery.
One can also make artificial affinity through being in constant contact or by a single strong contact to the fluctuations produced by the fields but the latter process can be dangerous.

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