III Chapter 1

” There is a legend about a curse that Devil has kept safe for some select few, who had caused so much pain to the devil that he intends to drag those through lives; again and again, killing them again and again along with people who comes to love them in these lives. They will be able to keep few memories of what they had been and will always die knowing that another life awaits them with a much more gruesome death in the end than they were dying off.”

– Found in a Theology book, CANT FAULT THE DEVIL


 The barrel of the gun pressed against the back of my body, someone was shouting. 

” Hey, boss… Boss… Hey “, I hate that voice. 

I could feel the holes drilled into the barrel of the gun, the silencer holes. Most of the noises from the gunshot comes from the expanding gases, and there is this small sonic boom, a bullet makes when it moves so fast. To make a silencer, one drills holes into the barrel so that the gases can escape through it and reduces the speed and thereby reduces the sound, do it wrong. It blows up in your face. Do it right. You will get a gun with a silencer.

How did I know it? I don’t know. There isn’t really anyway as to how I can explain that nor can I explain where I am, what I am doing here or for that matter who I am?

” I would like to conclude the deal before the blood leeches out of me standing here. I have a condition you know “, someone was talking. I could hear the sound of someone taking a seat – the faint sound of someone relaxing into the cushion. ” Wake him up will ya “. He sounds agitated.

” Boss will wake up when he wishes “

I let my tongue taste the edge of my lips, blood? Vampires? No, I can remember a face, a building. Someone was shaking me. Ten minutes, that’s what I said didn’t I?. How much time had it passed since I had fallen asleep? Why am I asleep? What was it about 10 minutes?

I can’t remember.

“I would like a 78 percent increase in goods next time”

I opened my eyes. A wooden paneled ceiling. Dark, old, mouldy and decaying. My hands touched what felt like a glass, wrapped around it and I raised the glass and sniffed at it, blue tonic? fuming acid? What’s this stuff? I frowned at it. I placed it on the glass stand next to me. It made a clink when the glasses contacted.

” Boss is awake “

I turned to look at the one who spoke.The man was dark toned, with a beard that covered the whole of his face and was clothed in jeans and a jacket that was worn over his shirt.

What the fuck was his name? Mari yeah that’s Mari. An ass if you ever saw one that walked on two legs. Why am I angry with him? Who am I?

I stared at him for a while, inadvertently but few seconds later he started fidgeting and examining his shoes. They need to be shined.

I turned my eyes away to the others in the room. A lot of folks, some in suits some in jackets. I think the ones who call me boss are all in jackets. I look around, it seems I have been drooling in the chair, bareback wooden chair. I will need an ice bath. My shoulder’s are stiff.

The men in suits, there were five of them, all seated in cushions some distance away from the pedestal where the chair and the glass stand was kept on which I was slumbering. A man who was also wearing a jacket was standing up, he had been sitting on the cushion before me facing the suits. His jacket was wrinkled in the back. He probably had his back towards me while I was asleep. Unfaithful Bastard. Why am I angry? Why am I angry with him?

Between the jackets and the suit, I looked like an odd duck. Formal shirt, formal pants and formal shoes. Am I a bank clerk?. What is my life? Why can I only remember Mari’s name?

A huge window filled one side of the wall, I stepped towards it. It looked like we are on one of the top floors of a building overlooking a harbor with ships and boats extending to the horizon that I can see, maybe a twenty floors up, give or take. Must be a tall building. The day looked cloudy but quiet except for the rumble of the street down below. You look over the edge of the window, you will see that the street below is filled with a carpet of people, standing, looking up, down. talking, all in their own worlds. You live in the world you are born to. Mostly.

I turned my attention back to the room. So what am I doing with Mari, and other random people whom I can’t seem to name? The scene from the room looked similar to the ones in the film, where gangs meet up to do the illegal deeds.


# Please comment and let me know of any grammatical errors I have made in this chapter and also whether the chapter is interesting or as to where I had gone wrong.  


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