History of Qans and Igazis

A sage known as Kuano Imanon once saved a number of tribes of a land from destroying themselves by taking in the madness into himself by making him the focus, the tribes respected him for it. The madness though was barely contained by him. Had also given him certain powers but they stayed dormant.
 But as the time passed his sacrifice was forgotten and he had almost been forgotten and the tribe had lost interest in him. By then an illness struck him and no one was their to take care of him, he lost his control on the mind. He started showing the madness in himself by attacking a woman from the tribe, raping her and giving her a child. In anger the tribe men had hunted him down , it took months but they found him in the forest laughing and mad, he forced them to kill him . They were disturbed by the incident but decided it wasn’t much anything to think about unitl the people among the tribe began to go mad again, the elders were worried but helpless. They called it the curse of Kimanon and berated themselves for not giving Kimanon the proper treatment.
 But soon the madness stopped again when the child of the Kimanon was born to the woman he had been defiled. But the child was mad, it was obvious from the day it was born. It refused feeding and bawled all the time and as it grew up the madness was worse. The first thought of the neighbors was to kill the child, they were on the doorsteps of the mother and the child ( she had to live alone since she had a child with no father ) to throw them out of the land when some of the combined tribe elders came and prevented it. They now knew that the child was the focal point that was keeping the madness at bay.
They punished the ones who was going to harm the child and mother by death, making an example as to prevent any repeaters and made the reason public. So now to make sure that the madness would not spread among the people because of the death of Kimanon, they decided to select women from the tribe who would bear his children. The children thus born were also brought up with teachings to improve their mental stability.
They were called the blood and their children all began to be classified under that name.
They soon found out that the stature as the focus was transfered to the eldest sons and from him to his sons. But if he died before having any children, his madness will be transfered to his brother next in line according to the age. This was found out when one of the focus during an age decided to spare his son the torture and committed suicide and made his brother and his line the focus.
It was later learned that females in the line can become the focus too, infact they had the talent to accept as their will and if all others were happy to give it away.
At a later time they found that the successors of the focus can forsake the madness before becoming the focus. They could also embrase it if they and other successors of the focus all wished unilaterally.
The sucessors all were given special consideration in the matters of the tribe.
 Even when the tribes grew. They kept in contact with the guard tribes where the successors of the focus lived.
And as the ages passed the power that lay low among the successors began to become visibe and most powerful being the focus himself who had complete power over the whole tribe.On their mentality to an extent.
It would take a band of successors to stop him and an army of the blood to stop him.The tribes were all but helpless.

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