Creation – Wiki

Viuka is the outer most world considered as the dark world or the oblivion. It is also known as the vastness and is considered to be filled with different types of energies primal, chaotic and dormant.
Anubu was an area were the different types of energy of Viuka combined together. At the beginning when nirvriti was forming the whole space was chaotic with all the collisions from energy due to all of them coming together to a single point.
Anubu first came into being because of the different energy flow lines or akaras in viuka which had been always at different levels which due to a coincidence came into a single point at a point of time and had stayed at that.
The result of the great collision was the formation of three types of spaces Nirvriti, Bodhiga and Zaura
Nirviriti was formed of all the chaotic energies. It had achieved a certain sense of balance and coexists with each other as the energies trickles down through the flow line
Bodhiga was formed out of the dormant energy that was filled in Viuka as a balance to the collisions from the formation of nirvriti. And as bodhiga came into being the chaotic nature of the Nirvriti died down. It was an inert energy which didn’t react with any other energies.
Zaura was the physical manifestation formed out of the reapeated collisions of the energy. Its were the galaxies and the sun and planets and the moons located inside them were formed.

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