Chapter 0.1


Awar was confused. He had done many runs for the order but this by far is the most confusing. The cargo in question is a chest. A real pretty one. The ones he had heard only in tales. He wondered from which king’s treasury. It was given out.

He wasn’t the one who had carried the chest. but from what they had said it weighes as if it was empy.

Maybe some magical enchantment. He didn’t know . But what ever it was it must be costly to call in the best guard of the order and the scouts. He was known best for his scouting an dhe often bragged about it Its a solders right to brag. But he had never in his life dreamed of him getting paired up with dunalin. the man is supposed to be a legend in tracking and a warrior in his on right. What is he even doing here.

He isn;t even part of the order.

How did the order Even rope him in.
The captain had them warned of possible attacks. THey were not taking any chances.
“It seems we are going to the albenmarth halls.” spoke Sawan. They had been sitting around the fire. The cold up north are always cold.

Niden and


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