Magic System Introduction – Wiki

The world is made up of three realms each made up of three energy – soul energy, spirit energy, and material energy.


The material energy is the life energy of living beings present in the material realm or Zaura. Spirit energy is the energy from spirit realm or Bodhiga and soul energy is the energy from soul realm or Nirvriti. Viuka the realm of void is the fourth realm that exists outside all the three other realms.

The material energy is connected to both soul and spirit energies and as a result if soul energy or spirit energy is employed material energy will act along with it. But the soul and the spirit energies are not connected directly, but they do have a tentative attraction.

The soul can be called as the essence of all living beings. The spirit, on the other hand, is the aspect of living beings that connects with the material world in general.

Spirit realms acts as a buffer between material realm and soul realm. Spirit realm is considered the reason that both the realms won’t collide each other and thus results in destruction of the life cycle or nirvana.

Soul seeds are formed to bring soul essence from the soul world to material world. They are mainly formed during consummation. This is why it is considered that plants do not have souls.

Soul energy – Energy of the soul world. They are connected to material realm through emotions
spectral souls are made of emotions.

Spirit energy – Energy of spirit realm. It is connected to material realm through memories. The spectral spirits are made of memories.

Life energy – Energy of material world. Spectral lives are formed when a powerful being dies, but reports state that they do not usually do anything, they dissipate fast to the surroundings.Automation made of life energy that forms an aura like form sometimes used as a shield or extension of the being itself by use of their inborn ability that uses the dormant life force are called spectral lives.


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