This is the mad point of aegis, a world at the very edge of all minds, where the madness is the truth, the days and nights are but mere instances, and the borders are blurred. Here among the stored memories and endless musings, are undiscovered tales, told countless times and forgotten. It is a world of the imaginative and the desirous. A world of uncanny wonders
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This is a collection of tales chronicled in a shared world known as Zaura, an ever-expanding universe powered by the energy commonly known as Shaka which flows according to the direction of Korinti or thought lines an existence that is parallel to the energy or Shaka in the universe of Zaura.


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Story Arcs

Surrounded by infinite star systems and galaxies, some even with life, it has been proved a long time ago by a race that had come long before and had long since vanished that Greyl was the very first, the origin from where the whole of Zaura was formed
Being close to the doors of origin has made the planet riddled with korinti- flow lines that connect it with the outside realms, making the most existence of the land attuned to the energy and granting them the ability to control it.
The land had gone through a number of eras, names of those who had come before forgotten in time. As for the land itself, there has never been any great evil that had been trapped for eternity in Greyl waiting to be released,  only forgotten legends of ones who had fashioned themselves as gods survive the times in the land of ascendance known as the kingdom of gods.